Saturday, August 28, 2010


Dear Housework,
  We need to have a heart to heart.  Things have been rough for us since the kids came along, I realize that, but your demands are becoming a strain on me.  You've really let yourself go.  You are more dirty and messy than you've ever been and you seem to have grown immensely even though we've moved to a smaller place. 
  If I say I have a headache you just nag and nag at me until I can't fight you off anymore. When I finally give in and give you what you want, you take forever to finish.  And when or if I do finish, you only give me a few seconds to enjoy myself and then you're nagging at me all over again. Oh sure, my friends say once I just get started I'll find it's not that bad or I might even enjoy myself.  But they just don't understand, you have taken everything out of me and you never give anything back.
  Well, I'm sure this hasn't changed anything between us and I probably just pissed you off.  I have a feeling you'll be showing up everywhere now sneaking in right under my nose.  I can just see it now, smears on the walls, smudged light switches and so on.  I can only hope that you take some of this to heart and ease up the pressure you put on me. 
Your slave forever,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A couple for you and a gem for me

Oh my, it's been a while and you may be wondering...did Sarah's life suddenly become normal?  No. It did not. I've just been lazy and not writing down all the cute/crazy things we've been through lately. Here's a sampling of the last two weeks:
1.) Nadia pulled the dresser over on top of her complete with TV, DVD player and all the drawers packed Waaaaay too full.  I was able to get her out from under the mess and all she had was a few bumps and bruises. And the best part was that the TV and DVD player kept going so I got to panic to the sound of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie!
2.) Nadia's also learning the fine art of reasoning.  The other evening her and Luka were jumping on her bed and Brad went in and told them to stop. Nadia held her hand out in front of her face to make him stop and said, "No Papa, you just go out there and don't look in here."  ....and it begins!
3.)Luka has been pretty low key lately except he is pushing his limits and if Nadia's in trouble, he want's to be in trouble too.
And me.... I guess house mess is like those 'few' extra pounds that creep up on you and before you know it you're so big you have to wear pajamas everywhere you go. So I've been on a house-mess-diet and things seem to be somewhat under control.  It's so hard to keep going though when I have two little tumors attached to me everywhere I go and wanting to either "help" or play with toys that haven't been played with in months, yet all the sudden when I'm cleaning them or wanting to get rid of them they are the coolest most interesting toys the kids have ever seen?!?!?!?

P.S. This is just a little funny story for me to come back to and look at when I need a good laugh...I was sitting down on the porch letting the kids play in the yard when my neighbor came over to say hello.  We were chatting about the hammocks that we hung on our balconies and how her's had crashed down when one of her friends sat on it.  I am not exaggerating when I say two seconds later I hear a crash from our balcony and some explicit words!!!  Brad was sitting in the hammock reading and it fell!!!  Out of the blue!!!  Now if you know me at all, you know that nothing tickles me more that watching someone fall....or watching a grown man try to fit inside a balloon.  I think I laughed for three days straight!

Come as you are ready....

And they finally realized how to completely humiliate me...and that's hard to do!  In church two weeks ago the tumors I call kids got away from me and ran up on the alter right before communion!!!!!  OMG, they seriously did a little jig while the Father was breaking the bread and offering it to the congregation. I must have looked like the devil in flesh because as soon as Nadia looked at me she came right over, went into the hall and started wailing, (this wailing scream echoed through the church like Jonathan Edwards voice must have, and probably scared the people as much as he did). Luka, on the other hand, decided to stay up on the alter and scream with delight and run away every time I even made a move to come get him.  By this time communion was in full swing and he was weaving through people and hiding behind them like they were there to serve as his personal playground.  I must have blacked out because the next thing I remember is being in the car and calling my mom in tears.  I know that every parent wants to disown their children at some point or another, I really never feel that way but I do really, really wish someone else's kids would do something worse when I'm around to watch and give her that look of "I'm so sorry your kids are acting up, I've been there, but look at how good MY kids are being!"