Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Children of the corn?

Brad and I like to watch ghost stories and paranormal stuff to try to scare ourselves into...I don't know what...we just like to be scared I guess.  Recently Luka started having sleep terrors and Brad has been using this to try to scare me. There's a teeny, tiny nagging fear in my soul that he likes to keep poking at with hints of paranormal activity in our house. 
Let me explain what it's like when Luka does his thing.  First, you're awaken by a shrill scream that could wake the dead.  Then you run to your baby's side to comfort him and his eyes are only half open and he freaks out if you touch him yelling "NO! NO!".  You have to sit there like a creeper waiting for his head to spin or him to hurl split pea soup all over the bed.  Once he wakes up, he looks at you like you're nuts for being in the room, hugs you and goes right back to sleep.  NOT NORMAL.
Last night, after the kids were in bed and Nadia was asleep, Luka kept coming out of his room trying to sneak around the house.  When we would come out to check on him he would be as still as possible hoping that we wouldn't see him and send him back to his room.  This is the opportunity Brad pounces on.  "That kid is just sitting there, starring at the wall.  He's possessed."  He says it with the look on his face that says he only kind of kidding.  Why does he mess with me like that?  I remember doing that crap with Matthew and Hannah when we were little!  But when Brad suggests that Luka is possessed it freaks me out! Possessed kids: the scariest shit EVER!  I'll tell Brad that Luka is just hiding from us so he won't have to go to bed and Brad will respond with, "Oh no, that kid is talking to his "new friend".  He's messed up Sarah." again with his half smirk.  Ass.

The other thing he likes to do is point out how creepy kid's toys are at night.  If the kids leave a random toy out, Brad will swear to me that it moved on it's own or that it's watching us.  Seriously, there is something so creepy about a random kid toy looking right at you in the dark!

Last night our bedroom door shut all by it's self.  I checked on the kids afterward  and they were both completely asleep.  We did have the windows open...yea, that's what it was...the wind.  Not the anime My Little Pony that was standing outside our door...WATCHING US SLEEP!


  1. BWUHUHUHAAHAHAHA! When the girls were real little in car seats babbeling at each other I would translate for Molly but they mostly only said one thing, KILL THE PARENTS! KILL THE PARENTS! (and it's really scary cause "goo goo ga ga biibble" sounds so cute coming from a one year old!)

  2. whoa, that little pony does look creepy!

  3. And we are definitely old enough to know better, yet scare the shit outta ourselves anyway.

  4. I know!!! It's like a roller coaster or something. I like the feeling!