Monday, February 7, 2011

True beauty

Nadia's favorite movie is Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  She also thinks she has the cutest booty in the world.  She often sticks her butt out and looks over her shoulder at it to admire how cute it is.  The other day she combined the two and sang "tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Booty and the crack!"
She has also become quite smart in her old age.  The other day we had to pick up treats for her birthday party at school and although I didn't think she'd know the answer, I asked her if she knew how many kids were in her class.  She casually answered, "yes, all of them.".  Later the same day we were talking about death because I used the term 'over my dead body' then looked at their innocent little faces and said, "you guys are never going to die are you?  You're just too cute!"  To which Nadia replied, "Mommy, I will die after I've had all my birthdays."

Truly Human

Yesterday at church I gave Luka and Nadia each a $1 bill for offering.  Luka doesn't like paper money and refused to take his dollar so I gave Nadia both the dollars and gave Luka two quarters.  When it came time to give Nadia proudly put in her money, passed the plate to me where I placed my money and then held out the plate for Luka.  He looked at the plate blankly so I told him to put in his coins.  He held them to his chest.  I told him again and explained that the coins were for offering and didn't he see how Nadia and I gave our money?  He looked at me, looked at the coins and then quickly reached out, grabbed the box of crayons that was sitting on the pew and placed them in the offering plate!