Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In your face!

For the last few days I have been wondering what I would write for my next blog post.  Nothing exciting unusual has happened since the Water World trip and things have felt pretty normal around here.  Until knew it wouldn't last.  So here's the latest.  We went on a little trip to the library today and while we were there Luka needed to pee.  (And here we go!)  He is much too short to pee like a man and his aim isn't even great when he's sitting.  Seriously, who knew having a tool to pee could be tricky?!?  Well, we have a little public toilet system where he hops on, leans all the way forward and holds on to me for support while I squat down in front of him.  I can't see him actually peeing but the system seems to work. 
We got to the bathroom and assumed the position.  After a moment Luka looked up at me giggling.  I could tell something wasn't working right but I didn't know what.  I told him to finish up and when he looked at me again his face was dripping, his hair was wet and all of the sudden it hit me.  Literally.  From right between his little legs was a steady and strong stream of warm pee all over us!  He couldn't stop and I couldn't move!  I can only imagine how loud I was screaming for him to stop and "push it down! PUSH IT DOWN!".  We walked out soaked from head to toe. 
When we got to the car I pushed down his jeans and underpants to keep his car seat dry on the trip home; we got home they were so wet I couldn't pull them up.  So I had the best time watching him try to get back into the house! 

Did I mention it's been raining all day?
So the next time I'm worried I won't have anything to write about, I'll just be patient and wait for "it" to hit me in the face.  I am coming to terms with the fact that I write a gross blog. There's nothing romantic or exciting about it.  Although, I am looking forward to the excitement it will cause when my kids and their friends are old enough to read!!! Also,  I am not above using these blog posts and pictures as leverage against my kids in eight or ten years.

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